Dear LWVO Members

The gerrymandering decisions out of the Supreme Court today are truly disappointing, but WE WILL PERSIST!

We did not give up during our 72-year struggle to secure the 19th Amendment, which is now turning 100. And we will never give up in the longer battle of making sure that the ballot box is accessible to all eligible voters, regardless of race, gender, creed, ability, or language.

For the last 50 years, the League of Women Voters of Ohio has worked against partisan gerrymandering, with countless bumps along the way. This decision will not stop us from doing everything we can to bring fair maps to the people of Ohio.  

We will now turn our eye towards making new congressional and state legislative maps in 2021. With robust public participation in that process, we will hold legislators accountable and demonstrate that all Ohio voters - Republican, Democrat, and Independent - want fair maps.

Take comfort in our 100 year history of making democracy work, and stay tuned for next steps. Together, we can and will help our union be more perfect.

Jen Miller

Executive Director

League of Women Voters of Ohio
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