Protect Ohio Voters in Controlling Board Meeting

No Ohioan should have to pay or travel across their county just to cast a ballot -- and making voting by mail more accessible is crucial to ensuring that every voter is able to cast a ballot this November.

After months of pressure from Common Cause activists, we may finally have a chance to get prepaid postage on our absentee ballots and more ballot drop boxes for voters -- but we can’t do it without your help.

A few weeks ago, Secretary of State LaRose asked the Ohio Controlling Board, a panel of lawmakers that control state budgetary changes, to approve funding so Ohio can pay for these changes -- and the Board is finally voting this coming Monday, September 14th.

Write to our legislative leaders on the Ohio Controlling Board and tell them to support prepaid return postage and expanded access to ballot drop boxes for voters . 

Click here to send your letter to House Speaker Bob Cupp and Senate President Larry Obhof today!

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