Fight Ohio's Voter Purge

235,000 voters are scheduled to be removed from the voter registration rolls on September 6. But this process is not simply a "reset" or cleaning up of the rolls. Ohio’s voter purge process is so flawed that ELIGIBLE voters could be removed from the rolls.  

After the list was announced, Secretary of State Frank LaRose found nearly 1,300 voters wrongly added to the voter purge list AND one county mistakenly purged over 100 voters earlier this year. ​If the state found more than 1,300 errors so far, how can we be sure there aren’t more mistakes to come? How many voters have had their right to vote taken from them in error

Call Secretary LaRose at (614) 466-2655 to stop the voter purge. 

THE ASK: Ask LaRose to stop the purge process immediately and work instead to modernize voter registration.

Thank You!

Jen Miller

Executive Director

League of Women Voters of Ohio
100 East Broad Street Suite 1310 | Columbus, Ohio 43215
614-469-1505 | lwvoinfo@lwvohio.org

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