Act now to preserve HB 154 in the state budget and

repeal state control of local school districts

THE ISSUE: House Bill 154 would end the state take over of schools and instead require the creation of community learning centers for schools in low performing districts. It is a constructive solution to the failed state takeover law that is now at risk! 

HB 154 was overwhelmingly approved by the House. Now, some senators want to replace the old plan with a new state intervention that includes funding for consultants but not children. The Ohio School Transformation Plan, like the failed policy it would replace:

  • Includes loss of local control.
  • Uses standardized tests to define school quality, a misuse of standardized tests that produces a narrow definition of quality.
  • Discriminates against poor children.
  • Assumes low test performance is a governance problem.
  • Neither increases the state investment in public schools nor levels the playing field - conditions needed before accountability can be fair.

THE ASK - Voice your opposition to a plan that perpetuates the misuse of standardized tests, distrusts local leaders, and punishes poor children. Enter your address on the right to contact your state senator. (A sample message included on the next page...)

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